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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Phoenix Retiree Wins $10,000

Plans to Help Son Pay for Grad School, Friend Who Has Been Laid Off


(GLENDALE, Ariz.) – After years of recycling aluminum cans, it finally paid off for Phoenix resident Jacqueline Conatser. She won $10,000 Tuesday by participating in a new incentive promotion by local recycling company Glendale Iron and Metal.

Conatser, a retired school teacher, has been recycling for years. As a teacher, she would work with her students in collecting cans and paper to recycle. She continues that tradition today with her grandson by saving aluminum cans and other household scrap, and bringing the items to Glendale Iron and Metal.

Glendale Iron and Metal began the $10,000 promotion last year to act as an incentive for people to recycle and sell scrap material to them rather than to one of their competitors. Customers who brought in recyclable material received a loyalty card that validated their contributions. After 12 individual visits, the loyalty card permitted those to be entered in the drawing for $10,000. Only those who filled the punch card by the end December 2010 were entered. Conatser was one of more than 400 participants in the drawing.

With her winnings, Conatser plans to help her son financially work his way through graduate school. She says her son has experienced pay cuts over the past few years and doesn’t have the sufficient income to pay for higher education. She then plans to help her close friend who has been out of work for three years because she was laid off.
“They need the support more than I do, so I plan to help them and then if there is any money left, I might take a trip or two,” said Conatser.

Conatser will continue to recycle her scrap at Glendale Iron and Metal. She believes the company has unbeatable service and finds unique ways to give back to the community. The company plans to host this $10,000 giveaway annually along with other incentives for its customers.

About Glendale Iron & Metal

For over 45 years, Glendale Iron & Metal has been providing recycling services to the Arizona business community, city, state, governmental agencies and Valley residents. They specialize in providing commercial container service to manufacturers, construction industry and trades, tool & die, machine shops, and all other companies that handle ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They strive to build long lasting relationships with all of their customers and have become one of the largest metal recyclers in the state.


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